"I am really impressed with the Power of PATH Curriculum. It hits on every note. The concepts are clearly laid out and support each of the four categories of PATH. I was equally impressed with the bonus material, which further deepened the concepts. The importance of understanding our purpose, emotions, moods, perception, attitude, etc. is such an important piece for young people. The piece exploring our support system is vital in developing our own PITCrew. The exercises were excellent in knowing the criteria to seek out these people and how to be a support to others as well. All of these concepts together help to build a resilient person.  

The lesson addressing suicide was so impactful by giving a voice to the topic through Logan’s mother, Emmy. Again, all the proper concepts were met, including letting the school counselors know the topic will be discussed and to be available to the students. The students may feel they have permission to talk about their thoughts and feelings, no matter how dark, which is the whole point.

As I read the curriculum and watched the videos, I just kept nodding my head, as it hit on every note. I don’t have any suggestions to add or improve the curriculum. PATH is a template for life."

Cregg Kuri, Licensed Professional Counselor, Milwaukee, WI

At Houston High School, we use the curriculum school-wide. It is a good feeling to have all students learning the same thing to encourage discussion and relevance to one another.

Kiera Riechstadt, Advisory Teacher, Houston High School

Our school has greatly benefited from the power of path! It has increased communication, understanding, teamwork, and cooperation among our study body and helped to bring our students together in so many ways!

Mike Diekman, Advisory Teacher, Houston Public School

PATH is minimal prep with maximum learning. The content is so important and relevant, and the students will carry these lessons with them for many years. 

Emily Freeman, Advisory Teacher, Houston Public Schools

We implemented the PATH program for the first time in our school year. The program offered real-life examples of resilience and overcoming difficult circumstances that our students could connect with. Students also participated in many activities growing their social emotional knowledge and identifying the strengths and supports they have available to them. I also appreciated the regular mental health/suicide check in throughout the year to keep a pulse on our students. I highly recommend this program!

Crystal Sobotta, Advisory Teacher, Houston Public Schools

"As a Special Education Teacher for 15 years, it has been a challenge finding lessons and materials that engage my students at their level. The Power of PATH Program provides the materials and lessons that catches the attention of students and keeps them engaged and interested; Tasha's story of resilience and triumph was a story my students could connect with and kept their interest as we moved throughout the lessons. I also observed a level of engagement that I had not seen in my students prior to the use of The PATH program. As the transition to online and hybrid learning occurred this fall, the program and the comprehensive planning by Tasha and her team made it almost effortless to give my students the opportunity to learn so much about resilience and their emotional and mental health. I would highly recommend this to any school that is needing a relevant program to help students cope in today's world."

​Sarah Brower, Special Education Teacher Prior Lake High School

“This past fall, my school piloted Tasha Schuh's curriculum Lesson 3 - The Power of Attitude and it was amazing! Tasha visited our school in September and left a lasting impact on our kids and staff, implementing her lesson was an excellent way to revisit her powerful message and continue to address the importance of positive attitudes and the power of choice. As a former classroom teacher and current school counselor, Tasha's lessons were very well-written and gave me plenty of material to keep my high school students engaged and involved in the lesson content. I was able to have some amazing conversations with my students and they very much enjoyed her games, lesson activities, and could connect with the lesson objectives and topics. Within my school we were able to adapt her lessons for both students in grades nine and twelve. With the continued increase in mental health needs in our school, this lesson (and all of her lessons) are great resources to address the topic and not only provide ALL teachers with tools to teach about mental but provide resources and tools for students as well. I cannot say enough good things about Tasha's work and her excellent teaching resources!”

Sarah Colling, School Counselor, Somerset High School

"Tasha's message of P.A.T.H. resonated with so many different types of students in our school (athletic, fine arts, straight, LGBTQ, etc.). In fact, at the end of her presentation, many students came down to take "selfie's" with Tasha. May want to add 10-15 additional minutes for that alone!"

Keith Schneider, Principal, Cambridge High School

“After hearing Tasha's story and passion for helping and inspiring youth, I believe this curriculum can help MANY young adults of any age with depression and thoughts of suicide. Our Chaska Rotary Club thought if it could help just one person be guided to a happy and successful life that would be priceless. So we purchased the curriculum for our local school!"

Gary Hardel, President 2020-2021, Chaska Rotary Club

“What an inspiration! For staff and students, Tasha's message resonated clearly and is still talked about in many classes. I have even been in rooms where PATH is written on the boards and we are all trying to live it every day! Thank you, Tasha!”

Jessica Gieryn, Associate Principal, North Middle School, Menomonee Falls, WI

“Tasha Schuh inspires us all to put obstacles behind us and live the PATH we are meant to travel. Students are motivated by Tasha to help others and live their best life knowing that "Yes, I can!"

Tammy Johnson, High School Teacher, Essex School District

"Tasha's ability to connect with her audience is simply amazing! Her message of PATH should be heard by everyone. With an open mind, you will leave her message transformed!"

Chris Segerstrom, Principal, Elmwood Middle/High School

The PATH Program is a great way to begin fostering SEL learning within schools.

Vanessa Maione, Prescott High School

I enjoyed teaching the course. I also think it was beneficial to the children who learned about it and made them more aware.

Kylie at DeSoto

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